The globalisation of the electronics industry over the last few years has seen tremendous growth in the shipments of semi-conductor products worldwide with more focus on connectivity. Access to components globally has resulted in the broad line distributors consolidating as well as manufacturers, doing mergers and acquisitions. The end result is that amidst this flurry of consolidation, technical resources are scarce and customers are requiring technical support unparallel to what the norm has been before. Coupled with this is the ability of buyers to gain access to inventory worldwide, but with some risks involved. Harmony Electronics was thus established to fulfil this role to assist customers.

Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd is an independent component distributor of semiconductor components in Africa.With a few focused semiconductor and software offerings, we are tailored to focus on you, our customers, and your priorities, rather than bear the burden of being dictated to by the component manufacturers and broad line distributors. We have built up long term business relations with many companies which are stockers and authorized agents. We only source from ISO 9001-2008 companies and accredited members of the ERAI and also COG (Component Obsolescence Group).We have a steady and reliable supply to meet customer’s demands. With our years of professional service, assured guaranteed quality and credit, while we leverage Global markets to locate both the best price and availability to suit your needs, we are confidently able to lower your cost and support your business.


Software Training

We complement our services by providing specific training service on ARM, and MIPS and related development tools together with programming service in the electronics industry in South Africa on the various products in addition to a fully qualified training prospectus on all micro controller products. We provide services that complement the semi-conductor industry.Harmony Electronics has extensive knowledge in the semi conductor arena. Experienced in a wide range of electronic industry segments including industrial, consumer, telecom, power, security and military. We are particularly recognized for our experience and expertise in depth technical knowhow on Microcontroller products, thus delivering excellent Customer Experiences, as well as building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Design and Development

Our In depth expertise on Microcontroller products allow us to offer more specialized services including Firmware/Hardware development for ARM based and MIPS technology

Training Prospectus

Harmony Electronics Professional Education is a new educational concept provided by us. It is part of our mission to help engineers write high quality embedded software. The education focuses on conveying best practices for producing high quality software, to everyday embedded software development. Harmony Electronics has many years of experience from embedded systems development . We would like to share our knowledge to help you – the professional embedded software development engineer – perform your everyday work more efficiently and with less effort. This is the driving factor behind Harmony Electronics.We strongly believe in learning by doing. All courses thus have a significant amount of practical training exercises. A solid theoretical foundation is always included, as well as comprehensive course material for future reference.All our courses are hands on workshops with students being available to do immediate production design after the training.


Software and Hardware tools

We’re know C compilers and development tools, we are distributors of all the major Software vendors, and related debuggers, we can help you find the perfect solution to your development needs..

We’re Affordable

Competitively priced with the advantage of a focused distributor we can offer the most cost effective solutions.

Quick Services Less Time Waiting

We know electronics and are technically competent. For fast efficient and prompt service give us a call, you know how it feels when you have had poor service? Why not try us and see the difference


Over 200 trained customers to date, including, military, consumer, industrial, and small private business .Customers who have undergone training are successfully implementing my training information in volume products. Tailor made courses are developed to suit customer needs. Arm: Tailor made courses meticulously designed for the South African Market Mips: Tailor made courses meticulously designed for the South African Market Courses have been endorsed by both semiconductor manufacturers and have been tailor made to assist customers to develop and design with the respective vendor their products.We have over 20 courses for embedded development