ANSI C -Training


1.1 Programming in ANSI C using MPLABX and XC32 Compiler
1.2 Programming in ANSI C using Atollic Eclipse IDE
1.3 Programming in ANSI C using the Arm ver6.10 Compiler and Keil uVision

Each option is over 10 -12 WEEKS you choose which environment suits. For only R350 per hour/Total R1050 on a Saturday for just 3 hours from 9-12am, become an expert embedded C programmer .

week 1 Using C in an Embedded Environment
Variables, Identifiers and Data Types
printf() support function
week 2 Operators
Expressions and Statements
week 3 Making Decisions 
week 4 Functions 
week 5 Multi-File Projects & Storage Class Specifiers 
week 6 Arrays
Program flow considerations
week 7 Data Pointers
Function Pointer
week 8 Structures
Unions, Bit Fields, and Enumerations
Macros with #define
week 9 Compiler Considerations
Final knowledge Check



  • Professional Training by Accredited Arm trainer  
  • Speed your time to market tremendously by developing professional C-code for portability.
  • Learn shortcuts to improve development time, with faster efficient coding.
  • Learn to use  the most popular world-class IDE’s in the market, Keil by Arm, Atollic TrueStudio by ST and Microchip MplabX
  • Small classes for tailored individualized attention.
  • Totally hands-on, interactive training!
  • Intensive training for core concepts to aid in real-world applications!
  • Shortens development time.
  • Broaden MCU knowledge for application in your area!
  • Key skills to enable use in the work environment!

Multiple hands-on exercises will be performed during each class. Each participant has to bring their own dedicated equipment (laptop PC )  The course material, exercises and their solutions (source code) will be provided to each participant on a USB stick,Training will be held at Harmony Electronics or a suitable venue depending on the number of students. The course will be held over 10-12 Saturdays for 3 hours from 9:00 am-12:00 am every Saturday @ R350 per hour. Each week participants will be emailed assignments for completion to re-enforce their knowledge. This is a comprehensive Ansi C training course

Venue:                         Johannesburg

Requirements:           Laptop and Software installed prior to course.

Certification:              Certification on completion of course.

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