8-32-bit MCU

8-32-bit MCU - Practical training

This hands-on experience in the Microchip Developers features real devices and developer boards. Learn to be immediately productive with the 32 bit compilers and the Netbeans IDE. Build a real world application from start to finish, sign up today!

Suitable for beginners to advanced users and engineers and technicians who want to stay current.

Why spend months trying to grasp the techniques to program a 32 bit MCU?

These courses are designed to speed up learning programming the MCU in a single day, and will enable you to walk away with techniques to become productive immediately!


Getting Started with Microchip Development tools MPLAB X IDE

1 day training Course to familiarize yourself with MPLABX and the Netbeans IDE including useful tips and tricks, This lecture class covers the basics of getting started with Microchip development tools. Following an introduction to all Microchip tools, the instructor will go through a step-by-step creation of a project, editing and compiling a program, running a program and using the simulator. Basic debugging techniques are described, such as how to set a breakpoint, etc. Attendees will leave with a basic knowledge of Microchip tools which can be used to develop applications for all 8, 16, and 32-bit Microchip MCUs.

Introduction to C language – No prerequisite needed

2 Days Hands on Development starting off with basics and ending with Advanced C-programming techniques. Requirements: Only Laptop needed no previous C experienced needed!

Development with 8 Bit – Preferred Knowledge of C-Language

This course is structured to analyze in depth the 8-bit Architecture and explores each peripheral of the 8-bit MCU with a Lab to demonstrate each peripheral. 10 labs in total. Curiosity Board given at course for delegates to take away

Development with 32 Bit – Preferred Knowledge of C-Language

An intensive 2 day training course on the PIC32 , exploring, Clock Structure, Timers, LCD, UART, a/d, D/a, CCP, PWM, interrupts, Switches, Ports, Math Functions, Flash and much more

Custom Courses tailor made for you

Contact us for specific requirements we will tailor courses for you

Multiple hands-on exercises will be performed during each class. Each participant has to bring their own dedicated equipment (laptop PC ) whilst the development tools will be loaned.

The course material, exercises and their solutions (source code) will be provided to each participant on a USB stick.

Certification: Certification on completion of course.

Requirements: Laptop and Software installed prior to course