The VARI-TRAC Group, headquartered in the UK designs and builds products specifically for applications within the monitoring, tracking and telemetry industry sectors.

Our latest Liquid Level range of Sensors addresses a segment of the market that will benefit greatly from our low cost, ultra low power, 24/7 remote monitoring technology.  Vari-Trac can measure the volumes of liquid (or solid) within storage tanks and utilising IoT communications technology communicate this information in real time to the end user. Their system also allows for the user to remotely control valves or input additional sensory information safely and securely. The device can include GSM, Bluetooth and even SatCom and has the onboard intelligence to select the best link available at the lowest price. This product range genuinely adds bottom line value to companies who need to proactively keep track of their assets.

The management team assembled by VARI-TRAC has unrivalled knowledge in wireless communications technology, with expertise across a range of markets that includes Maritime, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Automotive, Defence and Aerospace.

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