We complement our services by providing specific training service on ARM, and MIPS and related development tools together with programming service in the electronics industry in South Africa on the various products in addition to a fully qualified training prospectus on all micro controller products. We provide services that complement the semi-conductor industry. Harmony Electronics has extensive knowledge in the semi conductor arena. Experienced in a wide range of electronic industry segments including industrial, consumer, telecom, power, security and military. We are particularly recognized for our experience and expertise in depth technical knowhow on Microcontroller products, thus delivering excellent Customer Experiences, as well as building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.


Our in-depth expertise on Microcontroller products allow us to offer more specialized services including Firmware/Hardware development for ARM based and MIPS technology

TRAINING Prospectus

Harmony Electronics Professional Education is a new educational concept provided by us. It is part of our mission to help engineers write high quality embedded software. The education focuses on conveying best practices for producing high quality software, to everyday embedded software development. Harmony Electronics has many years of experience from embedded systems development . We would like to share our knowledge to help you – the professional embedded software development engineer – perform your everyday work more efficiently and with less effort. This is the driving factor behind Harmony Electronics. We strongly believe in learning by doing. All courses thus have a significant amount of practical training exercises. A solid theoretical foundation is always included, as well as comprehensive course material for future reference. All our courses are hands on workshops with students being available to do immediate production design after the training.


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